Town of Beloit Ready to File Incorporation


TOWN OF BELOIT — Officials will submit the town’s incorporation petition on Monday, the first legal step to becoming the Village of Riverside.

On Thursday, Town Administrator Ian Haas confirmed that Monday is the date incorporation attorney Stan Riffle will file the petition with the Rock County Circuit Court.

The filing could spell trouble for talks regarding a boundary agreement between the Town of Beloit and City of Beloit, which already have been filled with tension.

Haas has said the city believes it creates a “hostile environment” by the town filing its petition.

“For the town, the filing of the petition changes nothing in terms of the boundary discussions with the city,” Haas said. “We are still dedicated to working with them for a mutually beneficial agreement.”

Beloit City Manager Lori Curtis Luther said the city’s priority is ensuring the “best possible outcome for the entire region.”

“We have been in negotiation with the Town of Beloit on a boundary agreement and it would be very disappointing if they filed the incorporation petition without seeing that process through with the city,” Luther said. “It indicates an unwillingness from the Town to negotiate in good faith.”

Luther said the city has yet to receive notice of the town filing the petition.

“No matter what happens, we will continue to advocate for the best interest of the greater Beloit area,” Luther said.

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